1. Before Vault 12

(posted 19 X 2012)

Well, when I decided on doing V12 it was already Christmas 2006 -- by then I've already made a few things that circled the subject of Fallout 1.

(Most of these were already posted online on NMA forums.)

watercolor, 2006


2006 photo of a watercolor picture

A reeeeally short mixed media comic that amalgates Fallout and Lost universes.

2006 photo of a watercolor that was the base for this image (back then I transferred analog images to a computer using a camera because I didn't have a scanner -- and to be honest, six years after that I still don't have one)

2. Working on Vault 12 - part 1, preproduction

(posted 27 X 2012)

I started to work on V12 on paper -- wanting to color it with watercolors.

At one point though I got to read Ghost World -- and that obsiously inspired the looks of v12, with it's sharp and clean duochrome. Way different than the watercolors I wanted to stick to back then.

photo of a single frame on paper
Here's a test frame I did to see if it makes sense (still drawn on paper, colored digitally though)

3. Working on Vault 12 - part 2, before premiere

(posted 12 XI 2012)

After seeing that the tests don't look that bad, I decided to finally start working on V12

At first ot was quite organic: I drew every frame individually on a small piece of paper, and then placed it to fill blanks on pages. Not consecutively at all -- after panel on page 7 I went to work at (for example) page 2. Unsurprisingly, the comic grew and changed (and also kept the more or less steady artstyle, since gradual change between the art at the beginning and at the end was simply not that obvious). I still try to keep similar workflow, no matter if it's comic books or animation work

It's probably worth mentioning that at one point I bought a tablet. I kept the workflow though.

Prints of then current state of a comic during the production, some time before v12 went online.
Posted as a sneak peek on NMA forum.
(note the different page count, different layout on some pages and a totally different ending!)
Then current state of one of the pages
Well, some art was noticably different then the one from the final version
Glimpses of a different ending (that was eventually scrapped)

4. Working on Vault 12 - part 3, after premiere

(posted 23 XI 2012)

Courtesy of No Mutants Allowed staff, I established the v12 website and started posting pages weekly, starting friday, Sep 27 2007. Right in time for Fallout's 10th anniversary!.

Though the first pages were done by then, the rest was still more or less fluid -- I had the weekly challenge of finishing the drawing and putting the text in before friday morning (And I both loved it and hated it).

I had some trouble writing dialogue in English back then (it's not my mother's tongue) and I wouldn't make it without two great guys, whom I still know only by their nicknames -- Crowfoot and Quietfanatic! I can't thank you enough, guys. I can't even say how much they had helped me with both proofreading and scenario.

(the funny thing is, time difference between me and Quietfanatic was 10 hours. It certainly added the flavor to already frantic Thursdays)

One of my workplaces from 2007.

Snapshots of the sample pages in progress during the Thursday sessions.

5. Working on Vault 12 - part 4, Good Friday finale

(posted 30 XI 2012)

...And after twenty-four consecutive Fridays it was done.

No special stuff today, just these two photos.

6. V12 related stuff: Nintendo Landszafty 1

(posted: 21 XII 12)

Of course, even after finishing of V12, I was not able to leave the subject alone (there's also the "mastering of v12" saga, but it is scheduled for some other time)

Ever since I got my Nintendo DS I've been drawing pictures on the Colors homebrew -- but it took me quite some time to set a blog to aggregate the pictures, the Nintendo Landszafty

Three of the pictures related to v12, including one related to the Korean translation of the comic

7. V12 related stuff: Nintendo Landszafty 2

(posted: 11 I 13)

8. V12 portraits for remake/continuation in 2012

(posted: 21 VI 15)

I guess I'm going to stumble onto my V12 stuff while browsing my old hard drives for at least next two decades...


Hi! Vault 12 is a fallout fan comic I made a long,
long time ago, back in 2007.
You have no idea how great it is to see that V12
gathers hits after all these years!
A lot had happened since then, though. (it's been almost a decade!)
Few years ago I (along with my brother) started a series of illustrations of my favourite LEGO sets from the 80s and 90s
Last year I did a comic set in the future of
the Super Science Friends show universe.
It's about Ada Lovelace, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie
(and more) in the far future of 2099!
SSF: 2099 on Tapastic
I also art directed a pretty cool
video game called SUPERHOT in the meantime.
A VR spinoff is coming soon!
Finally, if you'd like to keep up:
my twitter
my facebook page
my portfolio at XULM.PL
Drop me a line if you liked the comic!
You can also contact me by email at:
Love, Marcin.


Oh, and by the way:
there's quite a lot of behind the scenes!



Written and illustrated by:
XULM / Marcin Surma
Original run:
October 2007 – March 2008
Inspired by:
Fallout (1997)
Language help and proofreading:
Crowfoot, Quietfanatic
werty67 (Korean)
Bill Darkwater (Spanish)
Special thanks to:
No Mutants Allowed
(for being amazing and hosting
this comic for almost a decade)

Some rights reserved by Xulm (Marcin Surma)